As we look ahead into the next century,
leaders will be those who empower others.

- Bill Gates


Founded in 1997, Katabana’s Industries is a leading Agricultural Firm with a particular focus in poultry farming:  Commercial Broilers and  Layers, Day Old Chicks, Free Range, agro-processing (poultry abattoir),  breeding equipment (Incubators, Hatchers), Animal Feed, farmers’ Training, etc. 


Our Distribution system is structured as a multi-level marketing company, also known as 'MLM' or Network Marketing. This structure is designed to allow anyone to become our marketing agent or sales force by registering as a distributor. Instead of spending thousands of Rands in advertising and renting retail stores, we pay you to share our Products with other consumers, because we believe everyone around you is already a consumer of quality products like ours.  And since you are already buying these from different retailers and gain nothing in return for being their customers, why not buy them from your own business, recommend our brand to others and get paid for doing what you usually do for Mahala?  Our Network Marketing structure offers you many benefits that traditional businesses can’t match.


Take Control of Your Destiny:


Own your business

Stop wasting money buying poultry products from retail shops when you can buy them from your own business at a discounted price and still get paid. You don't need to own a shop to earn money. Instead of making the store owner rich, you can actually enrich yourself by telling others to change their shopping behaviors and be in Win-Win business like yourself, and this will benefit all of you... You’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of owning your home based business—not to mention a lifetime passive income.


No Risk and No Overhead Expenditures.

Traditional Businesses cost tens of thousands of Rands to establish, not to mention a bank loan that will take you decades to repay. Starting your home-based business with Katabana’s Industries has no startup capital requirements but has a high-income potential. You don’t need employees and you don’t have any overhead expenses. It is finally possible for you to generate a passive income.


No Income Limitations.

Traditional jobs limit your pay based on market standards. With Katabana’s Industries, there is no limit to how much you can earn. The harder you work, the more money you make.


No personnel to hire.

By far, Network Marketing has a clear advantage over traditional businesses. Katabana’s Industries is a business of people independently working together towards a common goal of empowering each other. You don’t need to hire any employees, and it's possible to build your business right from home.

One of your main focus is building a network of independent business owners like yourself.



Katabana’s Industries is a convenient business. You can be productive anywhere because it’s based on your telephone and computer which you take wherever you go, and you can expand your business whether you are on the road, on vacation, in another city or another Province!


Residual Income.

One of the greatest benefits that Network Marketing offers is long-lasting income. You will always receive bonuses on the Distributors you introduced to Katabana’s Industries, continually earning the benefits of your hard work. We’ve designed Katabana’s Industries for your success. There’s no risk and you enjoy  limitless growth potential.

To achieve the Success you never thought possible, all you need is a passion.

From the Desk Of Dr Ahmed Bin Katabana


Dear Katabana's Industries Team Member,


When we choose direct distribution as the sales model for our products and services, we decided on two things:

First, we resolved that our program would be easy to participate in and simple to understand.

Second, we committed to providing people with the tools and skill training they need to be successful.

Based on these two principles, we have developed a business opportunity that is lucrative, fair and rewards hard work.


Our focus is on building a company that is based on positive relationships and integrity. 

We believe that it is our responsibility to share our opportunity with everyone and provide an equal setting in which anyone can prosper.

Our collective future depends on each individual team member understanding that possibilities and opportunities exist everywhere.

As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an atmosphere of integrity – a shared principle of all our team members.


I would like to personally welcome you to Katabana's Industries and encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity that we have to offer.


We look forward to building a better future with you.











Dr Ahmed Padia Bin Katabana
Co-founder & CEO



What Katabana's Industries is doing to make a difference.

Providing value added products and services to our clients and empowering our Independent Sales Representatives to achieve the life they were meant to live. 


Katabana's Industries is much more than a company delivering high quality retail consumer products and services. It is a company with a clear mission to improve the global community we live in.

Katabana's Industries is committed to helping individuals, not only with the incredible benefits of its products and services, but with a business opportunity that opens the door to personal success and potentially limitless financial success.

Katabana's Industries’ mission is to empower individuals to achieve new financial success and personal freedom by extending those same benefits to those around them.

We aim to provide the highest level of quality and service possible with respect to the products and services that we offer and strive to create an environment and culture that lends itself to our Distributors success.

Our belief is that a successful company is built around superior products and services being driven by motivated Katabana's Industries Distributors.





Where Katabana's Industries is going.

Knowing where you are and where you have been is not enough, you must know where you are going.



Network marketing is the perfect distribution avenue for Katabana's Industries because of the lucrative bonuses we offer to our dedicated sales force.

Katabana's Industries' vision is to have our company name become identical with success in network Marketing.

Katabana's Industries' strategy for success is constantly being updated to align with its mission, values and vision. We believe we have discovered the absolute best plan to go from living paycheck to paycheck and all the frustrations and limitations associated with hourly employment to the freedom and abundance of owning a successful business.

Katabana's Industries intends to share this strategy with those looking to improve their lives & are ready and willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams!

Capitalizing on the power of the internet, Katabana's Industries has put together a strategy complete with exactly where to get the education you need every step of the way that requires the absolute lowest financial investment possible. We foresee our company becoming the standard by which others measure their success.


How Katabana's Industries is going to achieve our vision and get to where we want to take you.

Don't Be Afraid to Fail, Be Afraid Not to Try!


Katabana's Industries Can Help You Achieve the Life You Were Meant to Live


We are going to implement our common vision through aggressive marketing, helping our Distributors by providing them with a viable Compensation plan, training and support they will require in executing and accomplishing their objectives successfully.

As Katabana's Industries grows and implements the strategies, we contribute to increasing the value of our Distributors. By sharing ideas and techniques, each member of this business family becomes the best they can be... achieving a better quality of life for themselves and their loved ones.

We will establish a family of Distributors working closely together to provide information and resources to support one another’s success and provide the highest level of service, thereby expediting each distributor’s growth and elevating their level of freedom and success.

We plan on attracting the best members and associates by offering the best compensation in terms of commissions’ payout!



are the principles that guide us.

Definiteness of Purpose is the starting point of all achievement.
- Napoleon Hill


Katabana's Industries' purpose is to change people's lives by providing the best business opportunity with the highest integrity in direct selling by marketing our products to consumers.

Treating others as you would want to be treated and providing the means through which our distributors can sell our products and services and make money consistent with their personal goals are core to our success driven purpose.

Katabana's Industries' purpose works to unify us in a common cause and growth strategy. It is powerful because it promotes a simple idea to improve the lives of our consumers every day. Katabana's Industries grows by touching and improving our customers and distributors lives.

While this statement defines our purpose, our culture reflects the broader opportunity of improving lives through and beyond our products and services.

Our goal is to keep bringing people in and selling as much as we can to raise money to change the world we live in. Every 6 months we donate as a company 10% to charities of choice in the places where our distributors live.


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Ms. Philile Thabethe

Top Team Builder (Free State).

Ms. Kagiso Ramatlhape

Top Team Builder (North West)

Ms. Nthabiseng Malao

Top Distributor  (North West).

Ms. Lebohang Chakela

Top Distributor (Gauteng).

Leading people to better life


We built this company for you, our customer, and you, our Distributor, in order to benefit from our products and services and introduce them to others.

 You have to help someone get what they want to receive what you want.


Behind Katabana's Industries


In October 1997, Claudia Mpho Bin-Katabana (PBUH) and Dr Ahmed Padia Bin Katabana created the Company with the aim to better the lives of the communities by putting people’s welfare first. This makes it possible to combat poverty and lack of financial means because everyone is welcome to participate in the process of wealth creation by connecting people and facilitating exchange.

Poverty will never end by relying on the “Slave Masters” obsolete idea of Job Security.

A Job, (Journey Of the Broke) is nothing else but a modern form of slavery created to perpetuate social inequalities; whereby the RICH becomes RICHER and the POOR becomes even POORER.

Entrepreneurship is the only Answer to Financial Freedoms. Katabana’s Industries’ ability to understand what is at stake gains the power to continue educating the masses about self-reliance, bearing in mind that even the Government cannot on its own provide solutions to all the people living in the Country. The Company is still growing from strength to strength, conquering new frontiers and hoping to become the key reference and pioneer in the production and distribution of agricultural products, especially poultry products (eggs and chickens) being one of the commodities we cannot do without.


Katabana's Industries Leadership includes an innovative, dynamic, and experienced team dedicated to changing lives around the world through the introduction of unique, leading-edge products and services and a rewarding independent business opportunity.

Under their direction, Katabana's Industries innovates consumer driven products and services that will ensure long-term success and financial stability.






Meet the Team that continues to carry the vision of the Katabanas:

gallery/whatsapp image 2019-02-18 at 07.22.19

Dr Ahmed Bin Katabana

Co-Founder, CEO

gallery/whatsapp image 2019-03-06 at 02.39.26

Mr Valentin N'Senga

Operations Manager


Ms Sandiswa Sokiwa

Production Manager


Ms Treaty S. Ngondo-Rajuili

Marketing Manager

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Distributor Enquiry Form


The Katabana's Industries provides our Distributor's with 5 ways to generate an income.  We have set the industry standard, that's why we are so effective.

Now you can focus on retailing our products and services and helping others live the lifestyle they deserve.  With Katabana's Industries there is something here for everyone.

Financial independence, freedom of time, complete control over how you spend each day of your life… these are goals you can achieve through Katabana's Industries’ business opportunity.

Whether you want the chance to earn a little extra income to help pay your bills or you want to build a career through a solid home based business, Katabana's Industries can help. We allow you to be your own boss and provide you with the compensation plan that you need to meet your goals.

As a Katabana's Industries member, you will enjoy the:

Tax advantages of business ownership 

Flexibility to set your own work hours with the freedom to work when you choose

Extra quality time with your family

Additional time to explore your own favorite pursuits

Satisfaction that comes with helping others improve their lives

Lucrative Compensation Plan

Make money selling our discounted poultry products and services through our power packed compensation plan. Are you looking for short term earning potential or the security of long term residual income? Great! Our compensation plan was built to provide both.

Training and Support

From company events through personal support, our members are put in a position to succeed with our superlative sales and training tools. Our corporate team is committed to your success. With Katabana's Industries, you will find the team support and training you need to reach your goals.

Daily Commodity Products and unbeatable Services

You will be representing well known products being used on a day-to-day basis in each household,  and services that deliver results you will be proud of. We encourage you to work together with your team and Downline instead of in competition with them. Please take the time to review our plan and learn how you can achieve your own personal goals through Katabana's Industries. Navigate through our website and feel free to click on any of the links in order to learn more about the company, products, services and opportunity that are going to help you positively shape your future.

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Some people live simply to work… their lives revolve around earning a paycheck so that they can meet bills and get out of bed again to work the next day… and pay more bills.

Others work so that they can live. The fruits of their labor are the time, freedom and money to enjoy life outside of work.

Which group do you fall into?

If you would prefer to be in the latter group, Katabana's Industries is your solution. We believe that hard work should provide you with the time, freedom and money you need to enjoy life and we offer you the opportunity to reach the hilltop by allowing you to tap your potential.

As a full or part-time Independent Distributor, you can:

Earn what you’re worth

Spend more time with family and friends

Work from home, the boat…wherever

Help people live better, more financially rewarding lives 

Join Katabana's Industries today to start living life the better way.

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